the first thing that stands out about HIMOYA’s music: how unusual and unexpected it can sound when inspired jazz combines with synth pop. HIMOYA’s self-titled debut album opens up new paths in the direction of a previously unheard, symbiotic fusion between jazz and pop. something unanticipated is constantly happening in these songs, and yet they sound instantly inviting.

the second is, how surprisingly warm synthesizer soundscapes can be. the word „HIMOYA“ translates as shelter, and it wonderfully describes a sound in which you the listener can feel safe.

“new sound language” and “imaginative arrangements” by the band

Deutschlandfunk Kultur

“exciting” and “new sound”



Unlike their contemporaries, though, Jonathan Hofmeister, Florian Herzog and Jan F. Brill don’t stop at this. Instinctively they’re fathoming the depths of the trio’s sound for new colours. They turn supposedly familiar shapes with musical aplomb, ever again finding new nooks and crannies in between floating soundscapes, intricate textures and driving marathon-grooves.

“cheeky, courageous and unbiased”


A musical maturity that can be envied by older formations in the profession

Le pianist


hofmeisterschuller works on concepts of free improvisation, classical literature and his own compositions. They experiment with influences from mathematics, literature, everyday noises, jazz and new music.


Phat grooves and cinematic sounds make you dance and dream. Earworms tug at your emotions, the irony of the songs conjures a smile up on your face. Are you looking for surprises? With the music of the Hotties you will happily wake up from your dreams and realize that it is reality.

The trio around Jonathan Hofmeister, Alex Bayer and Jan F. Brill see jazz as an expression of their personal musical freedom. As improvisers, they constantly collect new ideas and influences, which can be implemented directly in the music. In addition to the compositions, the development of their musical vision is the most important part of the music that they bring to the stage. The three musicians radiate this fascination with their multifaceted nature.

Jonathan Hofmeister – emotions

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