Unlike their contemporaries, though, Jonathan Hofmeister, Florian Herzog and Jan F. Brill don’t stop at this. Instinctively they’re fathoming the depths of the trio’s sound for new colours. They turn supposedly familiar shapes with musical aplomb, ever again finding new nooks and crannies in between floating soundscapes, intricate textures and driving marathon-grooves.

“cheeky, courageous and unbiased”


A musical maturity that can be envied by older formations in the profession

Le pianist

TURN Acapulco Roadkill


TURN zweites Album ist geprägt von der Mischung des akustischen Piano Sounds mit Synthesizer Klängen. veröffentlicht am 20. März 2020 Jonathan Hofmeister – keys Florian Herzog – bass Jan F. Brill – drums 1. Penguin 02:53 2. Stellar 05:20 3. Known 08:04 4. Fifty-Five 03:13 5. Thinking of You 03:56 6. Disregard Logic 03:51 7.…

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