Jazz piano lesson in Düsseldorf

I have been giving jazz piano lesson for 15 years and have lectured at various music schools, academies and institutions in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Nuremberg, teaching people from all age groups and skill levels.

I design my jazz piano lesson in Düsseldorf entirely according to the wishes of my students and offer flexibility in terms of time so that together we can find the path between fun and effective learning progress.

Since I have had many different piano teachers myself, I am aware of how important it is that teacher and student fit well together. We can find out together whether I am the right teacher.

jazz piano lesson

Contents of jazz piano lessons

I offer my lessons for

  • Students aged 12 and over
  • Main interest in jazz, but also rock/pop piano
  • Beginner to professional


I really enjoy teaching you how to play the piano from scratch. Depending on what you like more musically, you can later decide for yourself whether you want to develop more towards improvisation and jazz or towards rock / pop.


Many of my students have received basic classical training and are learning jazz piano from me because they would like to play freely and without notes. If that’s the case for you too, then you’ve come to exactly the right place! I will not only teach you chords and scales, but also introduce you to the spirit of jazz.


If you have been playing jazz for a few years and are looking for fresh inspiration: together we will analyze your timing and phrasing and work on your presence in order to give your improvisation even more expression. I will show you the most beautiful and important jazz voicings. We will also analyze standards and solos by great jazz pianists.

In my teaching I focus on the following aspects


You start with the blues scale and get to know various other scales. We will work together on your timing, your sense of form and how you can bring more expression into your playing. An important aspect is also finding a balance between playing from your gut, based on your intuition, and integrating new knowledge from lessons.


Mastering independent rhythm in both hands is particularly important in the diverse context of jazz and funk. I will show you how you can add this remarkable skill to your repertoire effectively and quickly through targeted practice.


We cover aspects such as finger movements, hand position, striking techniques and the coordination of both hands. Good piano technique allows you to play precisely and expressively, both in fast passages and slow pieces. It is important to combine technique with musical expression to effectively convey the emotions and nuances of a piece.

harmony theory

Learning jazz harmony involves exploring chord structures and progressions as these define the distinctive sound of jazz. This includes an understanding of basic chords such as major, minor and dominant seventh chords, as well as discovering advanced variations with sixths, ninths and elevenths.


The art of composing opens up the space to create your own musical stories, which begins with dealing with melodies, harmonies and rhythms in order to lay the foundations. Exploring musical structures like verses and choruses leads to more complex arrangements.

ear training

The development of ear training focuses on the fine recognition of timbres, intervals and pitches, which sharpens musical hearing. Recognizing more advanced harmonies and melodies is practiced step by step in order to achieve a deeper understanding of musical structures.

other topics


To learn jazz voicings on the piano, we start with the basic chords such as major, minor and dominant seventh chords, which are later expanded to include chords with sixths, ninths and eleventh tones for a richer sound.

read music

Learning to read music is key to understanding the visual language of music. It begins with identifying notes on the sheet music and their relationship to pitch. Recognizing rhythms and time signatures allows for accurate timing.

band play

Das Erlernen des Bandspiels legt den Fokus auf die Interaktion innerhalb einer musikalischen Gruppe. Es beginnt mit dem Verständnis der jeweiligen Rollen und Instrumente. Die Entwicklung von Kommunikationsfähigkeiten und dem Zuhören ist entscheidend, um harmonisch zu agieren.

If you are interested, I also cover specific topics such as:
Synthesizers, DAW with midi keyboards, producing etc.

If desired, I offer project-based lessons in which we can work together for just the duration of a topic.

You can find an insight into my work as a pianist here.

Prices for jazz piano lesson in Düsseldorf

60 min10 x 60 min45 min10 x 45 min
normal80,00 € *750,00 €65,00 € *600,00 €
reduced price70,00 €650,00 €58,00 €530,00 €

*These prices are based on the current fee standards of the German Music Artists Association DTKV. Fees from self-employed musicians that are lower than the minimum recommended by the DTKV lead to price dumping and endanger their long-term professional existence.

You can register for lessons directly on my homepage and pay in the shop. There is currently a 5% discount on the lesson price.

The jazz piano lessons take place in Düsseldorf in my home studio on Sternstraße in Düsseldorf Pempelfort. This takes place approximately every two weeks, but remains flexible. There I have a Yamaha piano, various controllers and synthesizers (Nord Stage 2EX) and a small recording studio. I also offer online piano lessons upon request.

From this I only deduct the lessons actually held, unless they are canceled on the day of the lesson.

Arrange a non-binding lesson for jazz piano lessons:

A full lesson to get to know each other. 45 minutes at reduced price.

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